Tuesday, September 04, 2007

literary reclusion

As if you couldn't guess where I stood on the matter, I think literary reclusion should be a more common occurence. Others in our fame-obsessed culture are skeptical about it, think it's some PR tactic in developing a fan base or a way of getting the spotlight by avoiding the spotlight. Are these writers playing hard to get or using some literary reverse psychology to attract their readers? I think not. Maybe, just maybe, their novel or short stories are just that good. Perhaps the work is enough and defies the modern cult of me me me. Read the article, it's interesting.

PS-And if you don't know or haven't heard of these writers, you've either been living in a cave or perhaps they have succeeded in avoiding the spotlight. (As opposed to, say, Paris Hilton. And if you haven't heard of Paris Hilton, then you do live in a cave.) Point is, look these authors up and read them.