Sunday, February 14, 2010

Damien Hirst Opening, "End of an Era"

The exhibit is basically a retrospective of sorts featuring his most iconic pieces since he hit it big with Sensation. Of course the artist, formerly and still currently known as, Damien Hirst was present at the opening (1/30/2010) which was at the Gagosian Gallery along with a few other icons.

Other icons and A-listers included John McEnroe, Mick Jagger, Takashi Murakami, Jeffrey Dietch and others. I'll say this, Hirst definitely has a playful sense of humor and didn't seem to take anything too seriously as he played the role. He walked in with a Diet Coke and let the paparazzi snap away while he doodled images of sharks and butterflies as his autograph.

I know many people who love to hate, and hate to love this guy but he just doesn't take himself too seriously. The joke is on them because he doesn't seem to care about the critics. It's about having fun and putting innovative work out there to test the non-existent boundaries of this thing called art that we are incessantly trying to pin down and (re)define.