Saturday, November 22, 2008

nocturnal being

I missed an entire day and didn't even realize it! I thought it was almost 5am when I woke up this "morning" and so I set-up a still life, made a pot of coffee and began my day early. Little did I know it was PM instead of AM. The days are so short nowadays that the skylight was just about the same so I didn't notice a thing....even when it was past 8am. I simply thought, "Wow, the days are getting really short." Not only until I checked email and saw PM did I realize my mistake. It was a twilight zone moment to say the least. 15 hours of sleep after two months on being unable to sleep a normal night. I guess I caught up. That's what happens when there is no sunlight in your bedroom. Now....since I started my still life painting, no dancing shoes tonight. The painting I started is too compelling. I still can't believe it feels very strange to miss a day like that and not notice for almost 4 hours that you are living 12 hours behind. It's a mind trip and now my sleeping pattern will be really screwed!