Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time in the countryside

Being away from the city and having time to actually do things I like and need to get done, like paint, write, read, relax, catch-up, cook, grocery's a nice feeling. What I've been loving most is actually getting to grill and the space, oh the glorious, abundant space!

At first I thought, "Oh gawd I left my coffee up in the study....what a drag to walk across the studio (which is about 6 times the length of my nyc apartment) then up stairs! Ugh!" Have I grown lazy from living in the city despite all the walking required to get around in an urban space like New York? It was quite alarming to even have the thought!!

I mean, you want to surrender to laziness when it comes to things like reading a good book, not when it comes to things like grabbing a sweater 'cause you're cold! Well, at least it didn't stop me from grabbing the cup of coffee I left. As far as the space? I quickly became used to it.

I wonder how things will be once I return to my little closet-sized apartment? I do love the trade off. But then again, my mind knows it's temporary and there are a lot of chores I've been enjoying (like mowing a pretty good-sized lawn) which I know are purely due to novelty. Do I like living in the country because it's a novelty? Or do I really miss the simple pleasures?

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