Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hirst strikes again - artists/instigator

The artist's ego is perhaps larger than the size of the sun itself, at least when it comes to Damien Hirst. Artists need to develop a thick skin in order not to let all the negative criticism from their own colleagues, community, audience and the art critics get to them, but many artist rivalries have escalated throughout time and history all because of the artist's ego. Sometimes the rivalries are between a group of artists. Here's a more revealing article about Hirst and his latest show in which he drops another controversial and shocking soundbite, "Anyone can be Rembrandt". He claims he can paint like Rembrandt if he wanted to, but there's no use in working toward that since there's no point to that kind of art today. I can hear the realist painters' forums as I type this. Read the article here.

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