Saturday, April 10, 2010

NaPoWriMo #10 - 180 degrees

This took a turn of its own. Sometimes the poem just goes a different direction, I think it still ties to the prompt but it would need more work to make the metaphors clear and not so jumpy. It's difficult to spend tons of time when you write a poem a day. However the exciting part is after being a third through the challenge, I feel like I have 10 solid poems to work on and keep me busy for next month!

RWP member Pamela Sayers says, “I live in Mexico, and one of the things I love most about this country is that people here celebrate their family and friends to the utmost.” And it is in that spirit that Pamela asks us to write about any celebration we have been to recently.

Write about a birthday party, a wedding, a baptism — any kind of celebration where you were with family or friends or both. Write about the colors you remember, the sounds (and how they made you feel) and the tastes you remember from any of those events. Did these things make you feel good? Did you experience any new foods? Did you meet any new people?

Sometimes, beyond our control, festivities can take a turn for the worse. Maybe that happened to you or someone you know. Whatever happened, be it great or not so great, let’s write about it!
The sweet smell of bacon fills pockets of discussions,
frying away to a crispness requested between toddlers
playful screams. Eggs and flavored flapjacks settle on
the dining table as husbands sit in the other room
transfixed by a sports play in the middle of a strategic
array. There are no women in the huts the warrior huts.
Instead they converge daily for the making of things.
Outside the birds flower hop looking for sweet nectar,
hoping this season promises more food than the last. They
migrate for nutrition while killer bees fly thousands of miles
to other regions to invade hives and replace its honey queen
with one of their own. The drones are clueless and suckle on
the honey of another, clueless to the work involved.

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  1. Pretty and full of family images!


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