Saturday, April 03, 2010

NaPoWriMo #3 - Confession


Write about something that scares you. It could be tarantulas or your significant other cheating on you or an existential fear of the unknown so long as it unsettles you. Describe it in the most vivid language possible! Sometimes by articulating our fears, we strip them of their power. (But don’t go too far! A little fear is good to have.)

I made it.
The red light bulb cueing my approach
like a lighthouse reeling in a tugboat to the rough and rocky shore.

Faith involves more practice than trust, and I murmur your Name
by habit or reaction or desire for a formulaic bond. But
I have forgotten how to do this.

The sweetness of confession lies
in my left palm, gripping at nothing but air and
the candied fibs deposited on demand.

Today's prompt was brought to you by Read Write Poem.

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